How to create a Skip-Logic Survey

Create all the different pages first. Go to "Edit Questions" and set where user will go if they answer what.


Before you start, make sure you have a sketch of your questions and where users will go when they answer what

Page 1: If "Yes" go to Page 2, If "No" go to Page 3
Page 2: End of the survey
Page 3: If "Yes" end the survey, if "No" go to Page 4
Page 4: End of the survey

BTW, you can have multiple questions in any page, but only one skip-logic question per page.


Choose to create a Multiple Questions Survey


Enter your Survey Introduction


Set up your questions and pages as sketched on #1


After you've created your first question, you'll see the option to put subsequent questions in different pages

Keep adding your other questions and pages


After you've added all of your questions and pages, click on Edit Questions at the top


Click on the Funnel icon to add skip-logic to that question

Also understand what the red rectangle says:

On Page 1 -> The next page will be Page 2
On Page 2 -> The next page will be Page 3
On Page 3 -> The next page will be Page 4
On Page 4 -> Survey ends

So, let's modify it to match our sketch on Step #1


Update the destination page for each answer choice


Note the difference in the Page logic.


Create Skip-logic for any other question

In this case for Page 3


The final step is to update the "Next Page Orders"


Set up the "Next Page Orders"


Now continue to Step 2 + 3 + Survey Layout as you normally would

If you choose to include filter questions, these questions will be displayed at the last page.

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